Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Love in the Lakes

I try to write a newspaper report about Chiara's death.

Police search for the jet skier who run away after hitting a girl.

In the evening yesterday, at Lake District, an Italian girl who had been swimming at the lake was run over and killed by a jet ski. She was killed on the spot. Killed in the accident was 19-year-old Ms. Chiara Rosa, a student of the faculty of medicine in the University of Milan. She had visited the Lake District on vacation. Investigator said that the jet skier seemed to be drunk.

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  1. Shuji,

    Interesting story for a news reporter to find! I think jetskis are dangerous, noisy, and mostly unneccessary.

    You can find a number of horrific accidents on Youtube, mostly sefl-inflicted, by riders as you suggest drunk or not paying enough attention/speeding.

    Have you ever ridden a jetski? Would you like to?



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