Thursday, 13 November 2008

Remembering (the end of) World War One

As you'll know from previous postings, I feel quite strongly about WWI. If any of you are interested, there are some excellent materials available at these links with interactive maps & video links.

I hope you will follow the breadcrumbs (links) and post your comments here? has a tour of the major battlegrounds of the Western Front gives you an idea of the horrors of battle (Verdun). for how the dead are remembered at Ypres.

Stopping it happening again - we have to tell our kids, and their kids... which I think still does not happen in this country (Japan) where recent history has been airbrushed completely. Result? Blithe ignorance.

  • What do British & former colonial countries/western allies do at 11am on November 11th every year?
  • Why do you see people wearing red poppies at this time of year?
  • What is the Cenotaph?
  • click here to find out:

The Imperial War Museum is an excellent place to visit - have a look at its photographic exhibit for example -

Even on the last day of WWI men were killed. I believe Michael Palin has made a documentary about it which I hope to find & show to our students. Meantime, here are some tragic final fatalities

The story of the Unknown Soldier there was a great podcast last year about this but I am struggling to find it. Here is a related one

So, plenty to start you searching. Please add your links from interesting research you find?

Lest we forget. Jim

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