Friday, 28 November 2008

Chilly Florida

Last week I visited to Florida on business. I was told to send postcard, but I was too busy to do it. Therefore I am posting a report here, instead.

I have lots of experience to visit there, I've ever been there even in the middle of winter, but this time it was unusual cold as warm Florida. I had free time on Monday morning, so I went to beach. It was fine day, but very windy and cold.(By the way, I forgot about the postcard at that time. It was only chance to buy it)

As for business, we had a lot of good result, though it was very tiring week. We had a long meeting every day.

Unlucky happening had come at end. My colleagues and I left for Japan Saturday early morning, via Chicago. We arrived at Chicago without any trouble. We boarded next flight to Japan on time at noon, but the airplane didn't start. According to a announcement, the aircraft seemed to have some trouble on its engine, and mechanic was trying to fix. Then, they gave it up, and we had to move to another airplane, after waiting for a few hours in the airplane. The alternative airplane would depart at 4:00pm. We boarded again, but they gave up again due to aircraft servicing.( I don't know actual reason because I didn't catch the detail of announcement. Of course that's English...). New flight was the next day. We had to stay in Chicago , after wasting a day in the airport after all. We could have had enough time to go sightseeing in the downtown if we had been able to predict it.

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jim said...


I don't associate Florida with cold weather somehow! My worst experience was a hurricane, which chased my friends & I across the panhandle to New Orleans...

Pity about the unexpected stopover in Chicago. Could have been worse though - I think Bangkok airport would not be a very happy place to have been over the last week or so!

Thanks for the great posting - better than a postcard :)