Thursday, 13 November 2008

Love in the Lake

"Love in the lake" is complete love story. It's fun and I have finish the book in one sitting.
I've written some paragraphs explaining how Rovert's and Laura's lives change after the end of the story.

The title is "To coexist with tourists"
The area has some problems regarding the tourists who visit at the Lake District and do water sports. Many of them are bad-mannered, for example, litter the lake with garbage, ride a jet-ski with alcohol. However, they spend lots of money in the area. People, who live around the Lake District, want to find a way to get rid of bad-mannered tourist and to coexist peacefully with the other good tourists.
Robert and Laura began activities to solve the problem. Robert vets near the Lake District and he lost his friend in the jet-ski accident. He has been calling for local government to regulate the jet-skiing. Laure is one of the people who was fascinated by peaceful lake and good food in the area. She runs a food shop and café in London, and her shop plays a role of antenna shop of the area of Lake District. Reentry, their patient effort is producing the little effects. The local government has begun steps toward to regulate jet-skiing, and there is an increasing number of people who visit there for natural food, not for jet-skiing. If the activities are successful, it will lead to the revitalization of the other local city or country town.

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