Sunday, 30 November 2008


Which character do you like the most? why?

There are many appealing characters in the story. For example, Blom, Bruce, Carsson, and Cabind. (Chapman and Vitjord are not appealing)
Above all, My most favorite character is Monika in the story, because she was twenty-six years old pretty woman with blonde hair, and she loved her work, and sometimes she fight against strong enemies even if several mens. But my most favorite point about Monika is to wear bikini for her work.

I think that her bikini style is very appealing. In summer, I would like to swin with her. It would be exiciting for me. So, I like Monika. Yoichi

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jim said...


I think Monika's bikini would be very distracting for you. Can staff wear anything they like to work at your company?

It would be fair, I think, if you had to wear a pair of speedos to go with Monika's outfit, don't you?!