Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Cambridge Young Learners Exams at Luna

Luna International was proud to host the Cambridge YLE exams at the weekend. Candidates came from in and and around Matsumoto, and some came from as far as Nagoya to take part!!

I hope that the candidates all enjoyed the day, and we'll have our fingers crossed for their results!

Many thanks to the external examiners, and of course the staff at Luna, who helped make the day a success, and without whom the day would not have been possible.

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jim said...

Tana & Yuki,

Well done for organising & running our YLE session smoothly. I really appreciate it & I am sure the candidates & their parents do too. I am excited to see how my students did (and yours!) and to handing out certificates soon.

Me? I was in Tokyo at a Cambridge ESOL Team Leader meeting all day. I think you had more fun ;-o