Monday, 24 November 2008

The Lady in White

When I saw the picture on the front cover this book, I have felt fear and horrors. And it was true. I think this cover picture is the best match to this story. Also I guess the title “The Lady in White” base on “White Lady”. You can see about White Lady in following URL.

After reading Q1: Which chapter do you remember most clearly from The Lady in White? Why?

What remembered me most clearly was Chapter 3, The Lady in White. While John was listening the story of a hitch-hiker in the cassette tape, I could image the transformation of his feeling. I thought it was very frightening when he found it was the same as his story. If I was John, I would be impatience to listen the cassette. (*1)

Note: (*1)
The second conditional (if + past simple + would) refers to actions that are not real or unlikely to be real in the future. :-)