Monday, 24 November 2008

The Fruitcake Special and other stories

I like such kind of stories which is a fiction and an entertainment.

After reading….Q1. Which of the five stories did you enjoy most? Write an article for the classroom notice board explaining why you like the story.

I like the first one, “The Fruitcake Special”. Can you image a perfume which makes men to fall in live with a woman who put on the perfume? It is a dream of people want. No? And I hope a perfume for men, which works opposite that women fall in live with men. If I have it …

And I imaged the scene after Anna threw everything in the bottle on the dress of the girlfriend. What happened on David? It was very interesting.



jim said...


I'm glad you liked your first reader - well done with the posting. Which story did you like least, by the way (most people have chosen fruitcake as their favourite!) Jim

takaaki said...

Hello Jim,

Thank you.
I didn't like "Brains" because it showed a humen's "desire" to be success controled by other person and killed the monkey. There were no hope, no dream...

I read other three stories with interest.