Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Love in the Lakes

This story was interesting and I am very glad to hear the happy ending. I don't like Nick.
He is egocentric. He is a person who can go to the jet skiing only even though he brought his girl friend Laura. If I were, I try to find something enjoy before starting the holiday.
I realized a man cannot be judged by his appearance.Robert might have the hidden part, but he has the thought about others. It has the same sensibility as Laura. They will surely succeed.
Question 6: Make a quiz about this story for other students, e.g. some true/false questions or some correct/incorrect sentences.
1. True or false?
a. Kip has eaten some rat poison.
b. Nick doesn't like jet-skiing.
c. Laura can drive a car.
d. Lake District is placed near London.
e. Barbara is Robert's aunt.
f. Nick and Laura were married.
g. Robert felt happy at last.