Monday, 10 November 2008


(Q3) Write Monika's diary for August 9th.

Today I had a good thing and a bad thing.Today was the third day of the Stockholm Water Festival.There was a flying show. I looked forward to this show from last year.I trained very hard everyday. I was chosen for main demonstration of acrobatic flying.I flew today. The crowd watched me and waved me. Acrobatic flying was big success. I was happy and happy.However, after flying, I had a very bad thing.When I was walking near the City Hall, young man talked to me.He was wearing T-shirt which said 'MAD ABOUT FOOTBALL!'.I tried to run away from him. He followed me for a long time.Then he touched me. Next I pushed and kicked him into the river.It was a worst thing for me today.

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jim said...


I'll see if I can find you one of my favourite songs by Jackson Browne before class next week. Suits this story perfectly - wonder if you'll agree :)