Friday, 12 January 2018

The Secret Garden - Mary writes to Jane

Dear Jane,

Your letter brought back memories of a time in my childhood which changed my life. When I arrived at Misselthwaite Mannor from India, I was so rude and spoilt girl. At first, I didn’t listen to the housemaid, Matha, but then I began to like her because of her friendly attitude.

One day, I heard from Martha about the secret garden which locked up ten years ago after Mrs. Craven died. When I was watching the robin in the garden and found the door under the leaves when the wind blew the ivy on the wall.

One night I heard the crying noise. I followed the noise and met with Colin. After I came to Misselthwaite Mannor, I could have my garden and also have some friends who are Dickon and Colin. Not only Matha’s friendly attitude changed me, but also these friends made me strong through the gardening physically and mentally.


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