Sunday, 21 January 2018

Happy time in the center of Shinshu

Aeon Mall Matsumoto was opened as the largest shopping center in Matsumoto city last
year.  The concept is “Happy time in the center of “Shinsyu (Nagano)”.  It means the 
Aeon Mall serves the comfortable and exciting place to customers.  Even if you are with
children, you can spend time comfortably and do shopping reasonably by using the
services.  We are going to introduce you main three services.

Firstly, there are many places that kids can play safety.  If kids are tired of shopping, you can let them play in the spaces.  In that case, please do not forget to keep a close watch on your kids.

Secondly, several events for kids or family are available periodically.  You can participate most of events with your kids without reservation and for free.

Lastly, if you show courtesy passport for child-rearing family when you buy anything, many stores make a discount or provide you small gifts.

Have a happy time with your family in Aeon Mall by using these services!

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