Tuesday, 23 January 2018

City profile - Nakayama, Matsumoto city

City profile: Home town – Matsumoto, Nakayama

  • Geography

Nakayama is located to the south-east of the urban district of Matsumoto City.
It is under the Hachibuse mountain. My home town is a laidback country town.

  • When to go

Nakayama has an ancient tomb “Koubouyama”. You can hike there by walk. The most popular time to visit is Spring, when cherry blossoms bloom and it looks stunning.

  • What to see

Nakayama is surrounded by mountain.

  • Autumn leaves: When you come to here in autumn, you can see changed leaves. It is stunning.
  • Garbage mountain: Dismantling Operator handle industrial waste treatment
  • Archaeological Museum: There is a house in Jomon period. It has Stone tools in the Jomon period.

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