Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Tristan and Isolde - A weekend sightseeing trip in Cornwall

Cornwall is a county and duchy in South West England in the United Kingdom. Cornwall has a lot of fascinating spot. 

If you like history, Tintagel castle ruins is recommended. The legendary birthplace of the King Arthur who is the hero of Celt. Earl Richard of Cornwall and King of Romans built the present medieval castle.

Also, St Michael’s Mount is recommended. Maybe you have seen this view. This is miniature St Michael’s Mount. St Michael's Mount had come into the possession of the monks of its sister isle, Mont St Michel in Normandy. The building is interesting but the garden is also stunning. Many of visitors it is astonishing that a garden.

Finally, I recommend the Eden Project Biomes. It is one of the largest green house. You can see unique building. It has been opened since 2001 as complex facility, so you can enjoy it.

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