Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Babe - The Sheep Pig

Writing- Read Chapter9 again. Two dogs are killing sheep in the next village. The police telephone Mrs Hogget. Write their telephone conversation.

H: Hello.
P: Hello, Mrs Hogget. This is a police speaking. I must inform you a bad news.
H: What’s happened?
P: Six sheep were killed by two wild dogs in the next village. They still seem to stay near here.
Check your sheep and keep paying attention to ensure your sheep’s safety.
H: Oh! That’s terrible. All right. Thank you for information.
P: OK. Bye.

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jim said...


You read that book very quickly! Was it easy? This is the Year of the Golden Pig, isn't it - what colour was Babe?!

Well done,

yutaka said...

#23.It is a year later and the sheepdog trials are on television again. Write what the television man says at the start.

The television man: "The sheep-animal trials is starting now. This year, the name of the trials are changed from the sheepdog trials to the SHEEP-ANIMAL trials. Everybody remember that a clever pig got one hundred points and became the best in the world at the last trials. The farmers who have watched it made join their animal to the trials. Look! There is the pig who won last year. He participates this year, too. He is one of the top contender! Oh, that's a monkey. Sheep-monkey!? That makes sense. Monkey is very clever and they can use their hands. He must show us a good job. And this is a sheep-horse! No one runs as fast as him. Next is ... a sheep-fox! Is here a zoo!? Let's keep our eyes on his cleverness and quickness. Of course, a lot of dogs join this trials. Who will be a winner? What animal is the best in the world? Please keep watching this program to the last!"