Thursday, 10 January 2013

Examinations dates & venues for May, June, July

We are very excited to announce that we are offering ALL adult levels of Cambridge ESOL examinations in the first half of 2013.

Any and all enquiries should be made to Yukari, our Centre Examinations Manager here
All entries can be made online here , where you will also find schedules, fees etc

May 11th: Certificate of Proficiency in English (C.P.E./"Proficiency") at Luna - Matsumoto (map)
  • Deadline for CPE entries is March 31st 

May 18th: morning. Preliminary English Test (P.E.T.) in Tokyo (map) and at Luna - Matsumoto (map)
May 18th: afternoon. Key English Test (K.E.T.) in Tokyo (map) and at Luna - Matsumoto (map)
  •  Deadline for KET & PET entries is April 13th 
  June 8th: First Certificate in English (F.C.E./"First") in Tokyo (map) and in Nagoya (map)

  •  Deadline for FCE entries is April 21st
 July 13th: Certificate in Advanced English (C.A.E./"Advanced") in Tokyo (map)
  • Deadline for CAE entries is June 9th
 We are very grateful to our friends at King's Road School of English for their help and support.