Sunday, 9 June 2013

The Love of a King - after reading

I read “ The Love of a King” and chose After reading #3.
Do you agree or disagree with these sentences?

1.    Edward was right to marry Wallis. Love is the most important thing in the world.
->It’s quite difficult question for me to decide, although I agree this sentence. A lot of people said that Money is important and I understand Money is necessary to live. The women can marry with rich man without Love, she just wants his money to live rich life or buy everything she wants. I cannot do that, I want to spend my time with person I loves.
2.  Wallis married Edward because he was rich and famous.
    -> I disagree with this sentence. She loved Edward not as a King. I think she knows that rich and famous are not important for her because she experienced married life with two men.
3.  The British Royal Family were very unkind to Edward.
-> I disagree because they have long story, if they accepted to Edward to marry Wallis, it damage the dignity of British Royal Family. I think Japan has also such a problem that the emperor should be a man etc.. People think about to do in the future.
4. Photographers should leave royal families alone. They need a private life just like other people.
 -> I agree with this sentence. Excess chase royal families like paparazzi lead to tragedy that Princess of Diana was died.  I think they need the private time as a person.

I’ve never known Edward story. Before reading this book, I watched “ The King’s speech” which is Edward’s brother Gorge story. He could not speak in front of people, so he practiced to be able to make a speech grandly. In the film, Edward is depicted a playboy and he doesn’t care country. It’s important for him to be with Wallis. After watching, I thought Edward is not good man, but I read this book my thinking was changed. I’m impressed that he abdicated and he married divorced women Wallis. During I was reading story, I could feel Edward spend good life with much Love for his after age. And I think if I would be faced to decide money or love, which I choose. I wish I could choose love like Edward.