Monday, 15 September 2014

Write about the best 'bad' guy from a movie

English: The British actor Jeremy Irons presen...
The British actor Jeremy Irons (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
My favorite baddy is Simon Peter Glover acted by Jeremy Irons in Die hard 3.

I fell in love with Jeremy Irons when I saw him in the beginning of this movie. He looks full of intelligence. He is tall and thin. He shows up in the movie, wearing dark blue suit and a pair of sunglasses, and walking through the babel of Wall Street. He looked really cool. The way of his speaking is also attractive.

In the movie, he was setting to have German accent. I couldn’t really tell the difference of English accent. To me, he sounded British accent, which gave me an noble impression.

In the movie, he asks John McClane riddles, saying “Simon says…” He was teasing John, and his elegant and mysterious “Simon says” attracted me because of his coolness.

However, as the movie goes to the end, he becomes just a human being, so I don’t like him so much in the end of the movie. He loses his temper because John McClane brakes his perfect plan. He dies very easily, so I felt something missing with his ending, but I think it is good for the end of bad guy that Justice have to win always!