Thursday, 30 October 2014

About my ideal, simple lifestyle - taking inspiration from Venetia Stanley

This photograph was taken in the city of Takam...
A basic room for a simple lifestyle (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
My favorite way of lifestyle is to live every day without having a lot of things. I'm longing to live my life simply.
Because simple lifestyle is beautiful, healthy and relaxing. So I want to live without so many possessions, like a heavy burden on my back. I long to live clean and lightly every day.
But when I look around my house, my room, there are full of a lot of things, such as clothes, books, pottery, china and other decorative things. My cupboard is full of china, the dresser is full of old and new clothes, my shoebox is full of many shoes, my garden is full of trees, flowers and plants etc. I want to reduce each of these things down to at least half.
I have to do it this autumn before cold winter. Otherwise I will live my life having a big, heavy burden on my back next new year, too. I want to live a refreshed and good healthy life. It's my ideal happy life.
Sometimes I clean my room and my house very clean completely, but after a few weeks, my rooms become full of lots of things again unconsciously. So it annoys me greatly. I think to live is wonderful but it's not easy.

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