Friday, 12 December 2014

Deck the school with Christmas cards

I can do it dad!
With the cold bitter winter setting in, accompanied by our first snowfall last week, we at Luna are keeping warm by getting into the festive spirit (and putting the heaters on!). Our Christmas tree is up, after lashing it down to a car tyre and tying it to the building so as it won’t topple over, our Christmas lights are illuminating the bleak nights and our decor has improved significantly this week thanks to contributions from our students.

Good work team
To add a little more joy and Christmas cheer to our already marvellous waiting room (we have a wireless Apple TV and everything, it’s awesome!), we have added a collection of pop up Christmas cards. Although the aftermath did leave my classroom in a heap of empty sticker sheets and a sea of glitter glue.

"That looks nice"

I hope that none of you have forgotten to post your Christmas cards and your letters to Father Christmas! I wonder what he has in store for all our wonderful children at Luna International… We will have to wait and see until our Christmas party! Come and join in with the festivities, games, fun and many many smiles guaranteed.

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