Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Postcard from Hanoi, Vietnam

The view from my hotel's terrace
Hi Jim,

These are my best photographs when I visited historic city of Hanoi in Vietnam.

Vietnam has holiday mood. Because It will be “TET” which is Vietnam’s New Year, in 3 days. Half of shops on the street have already closed and I found so many people in an open-air market. They took flowers and display goods for new year. The town was very busy however I relaxed at a very nice hotel near West Lake in Hanoi. It is a peaceful place and I just head birdsong and the sound of ripples on the lake. 

I had some Vietnamese wine on the hotel terrace and grateful times with my old friends. (although Vietnamese wine tasted awful…I recommend you try
Open-air market in Hanoi
French wine, if you have a chance to visit there and want to enjoy drinking).

Posted by Yumi