Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Christmas in Japan

In class this week, my junior high school class was reading about Christmas for teens in the UK, in their Mary Glasgow magazine "Crown". We decided to compare our own answers, and this is what we found.

Do you like Christmas?

  • Yuta: No, because Santa Claus doesn't come to my house. Maybe I'm a bad boy?
  • Karen: No, because I don't get any Christmas presents.
  • Jim: No, because I don't like working until the very last minute and not having time to buy nice presents or prepare my home.
Did you get what you wanted last Christmas?
  • Yuta: No, I didn't. I wanted a Fender guitar.
  • Karen: No, I didn't. I wanted money.
  • Jim: No, I didn't. I got socks instead of books about cricket in Afghanistan & the West Indies.
What did you do last Christmas Day?
  • Yuta: I went to school, as usual. My teacher gave me some chocolate.
  • Karen: I went to school.
  • Jim: I skyped my brother's family in Australia & talked to my mum. After that, I started cooking with a glass of wine.
What did you eat last Christmas?
  • Yuta: I ate fried chicken (my mum cooked it) at home, with my parents. I didn't have Christmas pudding because I did not know what it is. I'd like to try it this year.
  • Karen: I ate chicken & Christmas cake at home with my family.
  • Jim: We ate a traditional Christmas dinner that I cooked - roast turkey & vegetables, gravy, as well as other things my wife's family brought (pizza, salad, cake...) and of course we drank champagne & wine. I ate too much!
How about this year?
  • Yuta: I want a new basketball, to play with my friends at school - no holiday.
  • Karen: I want a polaroid camera. School is off for Christmas this year. I don't know why!
  • Jim: I don't want socks. I want a gadget to turn my old analog stereo amplifier & speakers into bluetooth receivers. I hope my children do not get toy guns/swords/anything noisy!
Only one of us has a tree in the house (we have a big one outside the school)!

We'd like to know about how you celebrate Christmas.
 If you don't, what do you do instead?

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