Wednesday, 12 October 2016

More thoughts on my trip to England

English: The City of London skyline as viewed ...
The City of London skyline 
I found many things about England through this trip.

England is a racial melting pot. The air of London is stale. Many people in London use bikes for commuting.

There aren't any high mountains in England. The underground in London is smaller than Tokyo's. There are so many Chinese tourists in London & the Cotswolds.

When we were driving on the motorway, we can see many Japanese cars, but German cars are large.

In England people drive on the left. In the morning & evening, London has traffic jams. London is a very busy city.

Post offices in London sell sweets & stationery.

There are old & new buildings in London, and new buildings are now under construction.

A road sign in Kent, reminding traffic to driv...
Keep Left
In London they are parking on one side of the road, in high-class residential areas too.

Prices in London are higher than Tokyo.


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