Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Unquiet Graves

Four children go across the past time and the present time to help a poor phantom airman. They are brave and cooperative. If I was Regan, I couldn't do same as her. I'm too scary to talke to a phantom.

Many mysterious things happended through this story, but at the end, these are all clear and you can understand everything.

The four children had mysterious experience in Unquiet Grave story, too. I think they have a sense of recalling dead people from their sleep. I prefer this story to Unquiet Grave because the four children cooperated each other to understand Glen's message.

Unquiet Grave
I think many sad stories like this are sleeping under the ground in every graveyard, and many people who had dead wanted to say their wishes. Franki happened to hear the voice because she found a half of coin. Althogh many horrible things happened to her and her friends, Frankie did right thing. Thanks for her, a sad couple could gain their happiness.

Many mysterious things happened in this story, but at the end, these are all clear except one thing. It's the meaning of the picture, a wolf with a small boy, which was carved in the stone above the doors. If you underatand or know this meaning, please let me know.

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  1. Tomoko,

    Well written post, thank you! I have no idea what the image of the boy & the wolf means - was there any mention of either in the story?

    If you are brave enough to speak up in class every Thursday afternoon, I am sure you can handle a phantom!

    Have a great holiday,



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