Sunday, 9 January 2011

 Over the holidays we managed to move everything we have collected over the last seven years from our home in the MK Building to our new home, which is still disguised as a bakery. (Our banners finally came off 'old' Luna yesterday - it will take a us a few days to figure out how to attach them to our new place.)

As you can see, the last month of our stay in Motomachi was very congested & confusing. Teachers couldn't find CDs or flashcards, and our students barely had enough room to sit down. Our mums had to wait in the corridor (until we could shift some stuff and get the Christmas tree up).

By the time our last classes said good night on December 22nd (and Kevin had managed to re-arrange his travel plans) it was a relief to know we had a few days without interruptions to get things done/pack coherently & think about priorities.

Obviously we could not move everything out until the place we were moving to was ready. In between classes and visits to the hospital (our son finally escaped on the 23rd - thank you for all your kind wishes) I was frantically cleaning a very cold & dirty room (to be "Kevin's room") before painting then carpeting it. Couldn't move any furniture before that, nor dump all our books.

As you will have read, I enjoyed listening to the cricket while doing this, so each room at new Luna has a special memory for me. One room is the Adelaide match, another the Melbourne game, and the staircase is Sydney!

On December 28th my friends Mark & Paul very generously helped us with the 'big move' - shifting as much as we possibly could in what eventually took 14 hours. Yukari's family also helped enormously (thank you Chiemi & Yusuke) and to Naomi - every bit of help was gratefully welcomed. Sorry we took all the heaters! I am certain everyone slept well that night - we moved an enormous amount of furniture and boxes up and down a lot of stairs. Fortunately, everything did squeeze through the small doors at our new location - just!

On December 29th Yukari & Sawa-kun helped me move the remaining stuff we couldn't manage the day before, which took ages...which meant our classrooms and office were all totally empty except for the carpet, which was the last (and heavy) thing to remove on the 30th, as the electicity was turned off. If you are ever thinking about joining a gym, don't bother. Go to the DIY store and buy a box of carpet tiles, then carry it up & down a flight of stairs til you drop!

So I locked the door for the last time, and said goodbye to a lot of excellent memories...and hello to a massive job at 'the bakery'. But that's a separate story.

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