Friday, 14 January 2011

Recycling & re-using

What do you have left after moving? Lots of cardboard boxes. Burn or recycle/re-use?

Well, since we started classes a week ago, we now know where the drafts come from - and this last week has been very cold (Kevin & I have both been sporting beanies). We figured if cardboard boxes are good enough for hobos, they're good enough for us. We sealed off a north-facing window and the gaping hole between our bookcases and the ceiling.

We have also pushed 90 metres of insulating tape into to window frames...which should make a difference! We have a lot of window space - south facing doesn't mean much when it's below zero & windy! Important not to fall out of said windows when wiggling into tight top corners!

Next job is to clean & decorate our blinds, and re-hang them. Will feel like less of a fish bowl then as well.

Meanwhile, at NHK we also set about recycling Masa's European travel story. He came back from a 3-week trip with loads of photos but was so excited most of his recounting came out in Japanese.

Now, he had one hell of a trip - seven countries I counted (but my Japanese is rubbish!) and conveniently we have reached the stage where we need to put theory into practice & pens to paper; making a story interesting with a variety of narrative tenses, and applying some useful writing tips. Stay tuned for a team effort!