Friday, 12 August 2011

Friday artists & body parts

I can't draw to save my life (left part of my brain seems to be used for other things) and I think my students in Japan break down into two schools of art - boys and the 'let's make this look like a car crash' and the girls 'identikit manga with 7 million erase moments'. Very general observation (me? I am thinking about using my feet to save embarrassment).

I prefer the rough and ready approach, but with a mixed class was interested to see which would be dominant, as I asked my crew to draw each other (and tasked them to draw someone not their buddy - and  not reciprocal, as that can lead to 'retaliation' if someone's head is 'too big' or they suddenly grow a beard etc). This immediately provoked gales of laughter, and reaching for erasers (me - confiscated all of them), before some actually serious efforts. Interesting to see their perceptions of each other, and their reactions to their own portraits.

Language aim was to nudge them to draw in more bits, as I wanted them to label their body parts (new vocab, after the head & shoulders usual suspects). I added a line to certain parts and underlined how many letters they needed, mission was to go find on a wall poster & identify/spell it nicely.

This was a nice (and noisy) activity with the summer heat making book work too uncomfortable to think about. Should make nice decorations at home as well - nothing sticks to our walls we've discovered. And who knows, maybe we have a famous artist in our midst!