Saturday, 27 August 2011

Inspiring Luna people

I have had an interesting week, this week, and would like to thank some of my older students for making it so.

Atsuko has rearranged her schedule this month to make time to practice her presentation skills for a conference next month. Who knew there could be a conference on "singularities"? She is doing great work concentrating on chunking and stress. Excellent progress.

Young Yu Lu has been entertaining me with his personality and zest for life all week, in his busy schedule at Saito Kinen. A privilege to be his first English teacher; I sincerely hope this inspiring young conductor makes his mark.

Hikoro asked me to check out his paper on stents prior to submission for publication. Very challenging as this is state of the art stuff and very important for sick children. I love an interesting challenge -and the fact that my work is appreciated and not subject to petty editing. Work such as Hikoro's will improve the quality of medical care for countless children.