Monday, 5 September 2011

mini Monday mornings

Luna's mini-Monday Club
This is a great way to start the week, a nice civilised early lunch with some young gentlemen and a fine young lady. We need a good feed after the busy hour we have every Monday morning.

Our participants are not yet two, so we are dealing with a few things like sharing nicely, not asking to be picked up every time there's a song/dance/movement activity, and running headfirst into each other/furniture. All fun if a bit challenging at times!

There is a major fascination with our fish, as well as the Thomas train set and various other things that are not nailed down. There is no interest AT ALL in puzzles, colouring, play dough or stories! Hmm. So we usually end up with an end product miles away from the lesson plan sketched out - leaves plenty for next time of course - but it is important that a teacher with this kind of group has a lot of resources metaphorically and physically up their sleeve. Whenever I have taught very small classes outside of the school, it has always been stressful because of the way even the best lesson plan can unravel. As the very wise OUP Oli reminded me, there is one big ASS in assumption, and if it can go wrong, it will.

So, in the comfort of my own classroom, I can cover most contingencies as best I can. And I can have lunch on the job!

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