Saturday, 10 September 2011

Luna students doing well, home and away

King's College London, clock tower of The Maug...Two bits of good gossip this week, of our students doing well.

First, a shout out to Sari, who left us a couple of months ago to go and study in the UK. Before she left, she was brave and took FCE. Sari studied hard and deserved to pass...and now she tells me she has passed her foundation course and has been accepted onto her MA course at King's College London. Wonderful news and very well done Sari. A fine example of Cambridge ESOL exams being recognised and serving as a great foundation for further learning.

Second, Sari's old class mate Yumi made a presentation during the week at her company, attended by a worldwide audience. Although her boss failed to give her any credit for the late nights she put into her presentation, the feedback I heard on the grapevine was that she did very well - of course it was in English! Pat on the back to you, and thumbs down to your manager.

If you know of more good news from the Luna diaspora, let us know!
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