Friday, 9 September 2011

Creative writing - A Special Celebration

Barcelona's Lionel Messi was voted as man of t...Image via WikipediaYesterday was Sam's birthday, so we did a party in Hotel Buena Vista's restaurant. The food was brilliant. We ordered a "A class menu". There ws a seafood salad, steak and chocolate ice cream. George, Sam & I went to the party. Two girls called Misato and Miyu came too. First George, Sam and I were talking about soccer. George likes Manchester United and Sam likes Juventus. I like Barcelona and Inter. George likes Rooney the best. Sam didn't say anything. I like Messi and Sneijder the best. Finally Sam blew out the candles and the party ended.

Posted for Yuya.
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I learn at Luna said...

Good job Yuya.

I like Manchester United and Rooney too, but I think Scholes was the best. Ashley Young will be a great player.