Wednesday, 14 September 2011

SUPER STAR (by Doug Campbell) - book review

Hi, Friends !

I'd like to introduce " SUPERSTAR" , written by Doug Campbell.

Being a super star is a dream for us once a life. In addition, working in the music business brings a dream to be famous and make lots of money, too. I also believe it must be a very exciting life. Actually, I do not know whether a super star is happy or not.

John tried to escape from his boring life . One day, he met a very good band. Then he offered to manage this band because he was sure that the band would become really successful. After that day,his busy life began. He called many music companies and introduced the band to newspapers and TV.

John's good management brought a lucky opportunity - they had a chance to perform on " Talent Tonight " a TV contest. The final winner could get a key to the entrance of being a super star. However, this lucky break gave them a test at the same time. When the band came on the stage and sang a song, the judge mentioned the bass guitarist should be out for going through to next round. John had to make the decision to throw him out. Th e guitarist said to John, " See you at the top and goodbye". This band was his last chance to be a super star......

I know you want to know who the winner was in the final competition of " Talent Tonight", but I do not want to write down. Please read this book and find the final winner and how to win.

After a few months of TV programs, a person standing next to John looked familiar at the supermarket. It was the guitarist. He was smiling. John did not remember him smiling so much. He looked so happy,too.

He made more money after he joined a professional band and now he played at parties with a DJ. After John and he said their goodbyes, John heard him shouting , " See you at the top !". He was laughing and walked away

Being a super star always does not bring happiness. However, to try being on top with our best is good way to live in a happy life , I thought. What do you think about it ?

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Doug Campbell in London said...

Thanks Momo !

I was delighted to find your review of my book on this website.

I am glad you enjoyed the story and thank you for not giving the ending away!

jim said...

I think you are the first author to comment on our students' work re reader reviews, Doug.

I am sure Yumi will be chuffed to bits, and serve as excellent motivation to our other more shy critics!

(Can I ask how it popped up on your radar? Just curious wrt tags etc)

Your comment will be evident on Momo's face when I see her tomorrow evening!



Momo said...

Hi Doug and Jim,

Thanks for your warm comments. I notice that books bring me some oppotunities of leaning english(yes, of couse ) , thinking the life and feeling sentimental or passion...

Many thanks,