Monday, 5 September 2011

Cleaning up at Luna
 Observant readers will notice a common thread in these pictures, namely, cleaning up! This is the first song my son ever learned...and I am at a total loss to explain how come.

Whenever we go anywhere, he hunts for a brush, broom or vacuum cleaner and starts doing the rounds. If he can't find anything, he'll grab a stick or a pole, and get busy. Failing that, a cloth and he'll get down on hands and knees for a few laps. The action shot here is at pre-school in Luna, where the alphabet soup is getting the treatment.

Tiny hoons
Before we had all the rain from the typhoon, our plants were looking a bit jaded, so we got the boys to give them a drink. But, the scooter was in much more need of a clean, apparently! As you can see, no nook ignored. The boys also gave themselves and us a hosing down, just for fun :)

On the graded reader
Even reading time becomes an opportunity to tackle dust and cobwebs (we vacuum the joint before & after each day's pre-school!) and if not allowed, a sit down protest. We never did get to the end of the story, but the book is really clean - I think!