Wednesday, 14 September 2011

The Call of the Wild (by Jack London) - book review

I’d like to introduce " The Call of the Wild", written by Jack London, and write about the person I most liked in this story.

This is a big dog's adventure story. The dog's name is "Buck". Buck had a happy and peaceful life in California until Mr. Miller’s bad and greedy gardener stole him. Buck was sold to people who were hurrying to the north-west of Canada to look for gold.

At this time, Buck's life changed dramatically!! Buck had to work like a horse, pulling people on a sledge every day. In this new life, four sledge owners had Buck. The last owner, Thornton, was a very kind and good person who always took care of Buck. He gave Buck plenty of food and rest. Every night, Buck slept with this man..

One day, Buck heard the call of the wild from the forest near Thornton's house, and he understood the forest was his house. When Buck came back from the forest , he followed Thornton's smell to a deep pool, in a river near their house. He stayed by the pool, walking restlessly. Thornton had been killed by someone. ....Buck went to the forest and got together a wolf team, as a team's boss, after Buck and wolves were biting each other. Buck's dream came true, being the strongest, top wolf.

I recommend this book. It's good for easy reading, and I believe you'll enjoy Buck's adventures.

Thank you ,