Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Making an alphabet book - not gone digital yet!

Rummaging for Es
One problem I think all teachers have is making sure kids don't forget their ABCs when they are learning PQR, or their a/e/i/o/u when looking at b/d/g/p etc. Remember you can only do something for 10 mins with kids (I disagree, actually, if you get the activity right ie with variety inbuilt)...you only get 45 minutes a week, and it has to be fun, and do songs, and not get anybody trampled, and somebody's got a nosebleed?!

Last year I saw Barbara Hoskins-Sakamoto show how she made a digital A-Z booklet, which I liked very much (using Voicethread). My little charges are not quite there yet for tech, so we have been cobbling together an analogue one instead (we'll scan them later and go web 2.0 then). I like this little scheme as we are recycling the flashcards & everyone ends up with a different mix i.e. each is unique. It is an ongoing little project for the next few weeks - with glue and crayons and everything. (I didn't want to go entirely homemade as the drawing can be unpredicatbly abstract with learners this age - cute of course, but a bit hard to use again later!)

End product will be a handmade A-Z dictionaries with loads of meaning for their owners...this teacher couldn't avoid the fun of making his own :)