Friday, 20 April 2012

Is it a video? Is it a picture? No, it's a gif...Kinotopic

I took the long way round to get to work this morning, as I wanted to have a peep at the cherry blossom before the massive crowds rock along to the castle this weekend - and before the rain due this afternoon.

I also wanted to try out a new app I found for my iPhone (no, not instamatic!). The app is called Kinotopic (details here) and what it essentially does is freeze a short 2-3 second video clip. Why bother? Good question...what the app then enables you to do is 'unfreeze' a portion or portions of the frame with a swipe of your finger, where a repetitive motion is then looped into the otherwise static picture. You can add other effects (as here, a grainy sepia effort - I really couldn't see very well, editing in the bright sunshine so it was potluck).

What do you think - would you like to try out Kinotopic?