Wednesday, 9 May 2012

So long, Toru. (Come back, Toru!)

Wednesdays are not quite the same anymore. Since 2005, this has been "my boys" class. And now Toru can't come anymore :(

This is a disaster (for me)! He is the sensible one, the one that remembers his homework, remembers what day it is, remembers what we learned last week. He is not the one that pesters me for a game every 5 minutes, nor the one who has a go at me every time Arsenal get a good result. He is not the one who gets here & falls asleep on the sofa. He is not the one who managed to throw his reading books away during the holiday!

Toru is Toru. The example. The paragon of normal, good kid with a good attitude. Never complains, never sulks, never wrecks the classroom playing football when I'm not looking...

And as the weeks pass now, I know all the great learning that went in is slowly being diluted with Katana pronunciation, mega-lumps of unweildy grammar & inert vocabulary. Come back Toru, I'll save you!