Friday, 18 May 2012

Quizlet - some new sets to learn with

We continue to add flashcards sets to Quizlet and thought you might like to see some recent uploads; these are all related to some of the graded readers our students are reading. This set is all level one, in the OUP Bookworm series. There are 400 Headwords, and the actual books average about 40 pages/6,000 words.

We love the flexibility learners can use these materials. As straight forward flashcards, you can slide through the words until you are confident that you can remember the words definitions. You can hear the words and definitions pronounced. You can even download each set & use on your smart phone.

In learning mode, you are asked to type in the correct word to match the definition; you are gently corrected if your entry was incorrect, and it remembers which ones you are having trouble with, and recycles these.
My favourite with young learners is the spelling challenge, where you hear the word pronounced &have to type in the word - great phonics reinforcement, which we can do with books open (on the table) or really closed!

There is a test mode, which works as a quiz in various formats, which you can re-arrange eg multiple choice, true/false etc. Students, for some reason, don't usually like this one!

Class favourite is 'scatter', where you match the definition with the vocabulary; this is particulary nice when we have images to play with. The tough challenge is space race, as you see the image or definition whistle across the screen & you have to beat the clock to type in the word. Can you beat some of high scores?

A new function is the multiplayer challenge - and it is hard! A minimum of three players compete to make sentences of the key words. Definitely one for the adults I think!

What do you think of Quizlet? Why not have a go (you can sign up/in through Facebook) - it's free and it's fun! Find us as  Please join the group(s) and leave us your comments. Happy learning!