Saturday, 9 June 2012

Barrier free Young learners

If you read this blog regularly, you'll remember a little melt down situation a couple of weeks ago? Pleased to report there was no apparent legacy to endure - a week is a long time for a child & they tend to get over things much more quickly and magnanimously than teachers sometimes don't!

It never ceases to humour me that doing something simple like shifting the furniture in class can be such a big deal to the kids; wonderment that life goes on even without a table to lean on?!?!

With young learners, hitting the floor means you can massage the dynamic around (no "I always sit next to Tom" or "This is my chair") without being too obvious. Big room? Cushions prevent strays! A large cushion (even a towel) if you want a close-knit team.

To avoid tantrums this week the teacher did the donkey work, managing the board (but students had to tell me what to do). Use Japanese? Miss a turn (for the team - big deal with peers!). Being a bit thick & repeating an answer? OK, but no points. Only thinking linear ABC? You won't win. Open the class book to "cheat" - absolutely ok & encouraged! Of course the teacher is only using words that we have studied so far.

Alright, so we only played _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Boys, being boys, wanted to "kill" the game - until 'double homework' was suggested! Pretending to be deaf made them careful to enunciate clearly & often draw their letters in the air.

Now they know the game, they can be their own quiz masters next time!