Saturday, 16 June 2012

Mr.T's busy Saturday

I had a great time playing with my friends. Before I left the house I got the ball and the Frisbee , and I got in to the car and I went to the  park. First we played football. I was the playing with “Yutaro”, “Junnosuke” and “Riki”. I was the keeper and I saved some shots, but they scored one goal. Then we played “it”. We ran away from the person who was “it”. I climbed a tree and over fences.  We ran a lot so we got really tired. After that, I went home and then I went to the foot ball practice. I was very tired ,  but I ran and saved a goal. In the afternoon I had kendo practice.  After kendo I was really tired. In the end, I went home and ate dinner, and I slept.