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A guide to wildlife in Japan - bears

Japanese black bear
Japanese black bear (Photo credit: jasohill)
One of the most appealing animals found in this country is the bear. These attractive creatures live in forests in northern Japan, and they are also ideally adapted to a hunting life neater water, having waterproof fur. Bears live on a diet of fish and nuts, and are very solitary animals. When they are young, they are playful and love rolling and playing with siblings. Bears are very overcautious, so they seldom come near or appear before humans. However, in recent years, due to food shortage, some are appearing near residential areas and farms.  

Observing bears:
Catching sight of bears is pretty difficult, because they are fierce creatures and don't like to interact with humans. Therefore, you have to have a special guide called "Matagi," who used to hunt bears for their fur and meat. If you are lucky enough, you might be able to see a bear from a distance.

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