Wednesday, 1 May 2013

The Death of Karen Silkwood - After Reading

After Reading #1:
8 (The policeman) ‘’I’m afraid we have some bad news about your girlfriend, sir.”
4 (Drew) “What’s happened to her?”
9 (The policeman) “She’s had an accident, in her car.”
1 (Drew) “What kind of an accident? Where is she?”
12 (The policeman) “We took her to the hospital. But I’m afraid it was too late.”
7 (Drew) “You mean that she’s dead? What happened?”
3 (The policeman) “We found her car lying on its side below the road, next to the bridge wall.”
2 (Drew) “But she was a good driver. Was something wrong with the car?”
6 (The policeman) “No, nothing. She was tired. She probably fell asleep while she was driving. It happens very easily.”
11 (Drew) “But she was coming to meet me. She had some important papers with her.”
5 (The policeman) “We didn’t find any papers, sir.”
10 (Drew) “I’m going to look for them myself.”

After Reading #2:
It was dark when Karen left the factory. She was driving carefully along the road to the hotel and she saw the lights of another car behind her. Karen was very frightened so she drove faster. The car came right up behind Karen and began to hit the back of her car again and again. Her car left the road and turned over on its side. Karen hit her head and died. A man got out of the other car and opened the door of Karen’s car. He took the brown envelope from Karen’s bag, and then he drove away.

After Reading #3:
I prefer the Activity 2. I wanted to know who killed Karen. She was very brave and did the right thing for the people working at factory. She was too young to die, and I think Drew wanted to know what happened to her. In Japan, the nuclear power system has been the hot topic since the big earthquake in March 2011. I myself cannot judge what is the best way to create the power for the people and the future, but the safe and/or health is always the most important for living life.

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