Sunday, 22 December 2013

Luna's Christmas Party 2013

All of us - Luna :)My office!Bum rushGoodfellas?!Food hallSanta + Miki
Santa + Saki & mummyXmas_Kids_2013 008Santa + RunaXmas_Kids_2013 010Santa + Airu 2Santa + Airu
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Luna's Christmas Party 2013, a set on Flickr.
What a tremendous afternoon!

So many excited Luna faces with little brothers and sisters arriving just before 1pm (sorry, our landlord is The Original Grinch - we are on Matsumoto's equivalent of Oxford Circus afterall so stopping outside is very difficult) and no staff here...

Thank you SO much Yukari & Mayumi for sorting out all the food & drinks - yellow card MosBurger for putting spicey mustard on all the kids' burgers though. What were you thinking - some fat git wants 60 chicken burgers all in one go?

We learned some new Christmas songs to sing & dance, and then had to make our own Christmas Bingo sets. Share crayons? Share glue? Not hoard all the pieces? Designed to be a calming event - share, y'all...Jim applied Nissan "just enough" philosophy to this the greedy kids lost out BIG TIME when they had to wait for all their pictures to be called! Ha!

A new S-A-N-T-A song tired everybody out:
  • Red hat
  • White beard
  • Twinkly eyes
...and the balloon race got off to several false starts because no one was listening. Eventually, Kotone's team won.
Naomi's Xmas ABC colourthon was a mad rush of enthusiasm minus a clear plan (need to turn up before the party starts & prime the DJ with soundtrack requests, think through how you are going to display the end result....) but everyone had fun before drifting off...

Michael sensei turned up an hour and a half late (thanks Ceilidh for vacuuming all the carpets downstairs + the stairs) just in time to put on a suit & pose for pictures. We are very grateful he managed to write his class notes for 2013 yesterday while visiting 2nd hand car dealerships; the effort really shows.

Fortunately, Jim managed not to explode and instead the children enjoyed a lovely afternoon in the Christmas mood - all original activities this year (thank you Super Simple Songs).

We are really excited about 2014 - classes start on Jan 6th. Lot's of exciting new things to report, starting with Tim being spotted over the North Pole Dec 30th...