Monday, 22 August 2016

The Black Cat - expenses claim

This is breakdown of my expenses for May investigation.

If you have any unclear issue, please let me know.

Sometimes, I needed to arrive at each place before the murder or the Black Cat arrived at, so I needed to use air plane because air ticket was expensive, but I could get there earier.

  • Air ticket from Cairo to Beirut airport 
  • Taxi fee from Beirut airport to docks 
  • Air ticket from Beirut to Athens 
  • Taxi fee from Athens airport to Piraeus 
  • Ticket of Boat “The Syria” from Piraeus to Venice 
This ticket is the one for first class because I thought first class ticket would be allowable to go into any place/any floor of boat and it would be easy to look for a murder who killed Pearson.

  • Water taxi fee from Venice dock to railway station 
  • Train ticket from Venice to Rome 
  • Hotel fee at Rome 
  • Air ticket from Rome to Cairo 
  • Taxi fee from Cairo airport to the flat where Salahadin stays 

  • Taxi fee of round move between Beirut city and Jusef’s café because I needed to tell Jusef about Borkman’s death and his message. 

This time, I could protect very very valuable antiquities of Egypt and my investigation is worh to pay these a little expensive expenses. Thank you for your understanding.

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