Monday, 1 August 2016

The Lost World - letter to my friend

Dear My Friend,

Did you remember a terrible case happened on 5 years ago? I remembered the terrible/sad case as if it was yesterday.

Five years ago, my brother and I lived near Manaos. My brother, Pedro Lopez and I were half brother and were grown by same mother. Pedro Lopez’s father was a Mexican and my father was a Indian.

He was very gentle, but he was highly skilled in his leadership and ground control. He owned a lot of land and was rich. Many Indian worked for Pedro Lopez’s land very well and he paid money and gave food properly.
I thought that the Indians worked for his land were satisfied with their work.

But, suddenly a man called Lord Roxton came here and fought him and killed him. Lord Roxton killed my love brother though he didn’t know well my brother. I was very sad he was killed, but I was also sad and surprised that many Indians looked happy because he was killed though he gave many Indians fruitful life.

Sometime after my brother was killed, I heard that some Indians said that Pedro Lopez was very cruel and they worked very hard, but they got very little money or food and some of Indians died due to hard work.

My brother could bent his ear to the Indians opinions. I am absolutely disgusted with Lord Roxton who killed my kind brother.

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