Wednesday, 28 June 2017

What I did yesterday

I got up at 5 o'clock and cooked my children's breakfast. Then I woke my children up and served their breakfast. After that, I took my children to school at 7:00 on foot.

I went back home at 7:45 and did up my youngest daughter;s hair. I took her to kindergarten at 8:45 by car. Then I went shopping and did housework.

I had lunch at 11:00, because I didn't have breakfast this morning so I was very hungry.

At 2:45, I picked up my youngest daughter from kindergarten and picked up my eldest daughter from school. Then I listened to her did practice in piano and read aloud the Japanese textbook. After that I took her to swimming class at 4:00.

I made dinner and listened to my son did practice in piano and read aloud the Japanese textbook. At 5:30, I took my son to Luna and Picked up my eldest daughter from swimming class.

After that I went back to Luna. While I waited son's class to finish, I watched the film 'Life in a Day' on YouTube. It was my homework bu it was a very boring film.

At 7:30, I had dinner with my children. At 8:30, I took my youngest daughter a bath and slept. I got up at 11:30 and washed the dishes. After that I had a bath and I went to bed again at 2:00.

Posted for a Luna student.