Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Jane Eyre - A letter to a kind teacher

Dear Miss Temple,

I have very good news to tell you. One day I was walking on the moor. Suddenly, I heard a voice. The voice was calling my name- 'Jane! Jane! Jane!' That was Mr Rochester's voice. So I left Moor House, went to Thornfield Hall. But this was burnt, nobody was living there. I heard "He is living at Ferndean". Now I am living at Ferndean with Mr Rochester. I was able to marry Mr.Rochester. Now he is blind, and he have only one hand, because of house fire. I loved him very much at Thornfield Hall, but now I love him more. we have one first child. we are very happy. I want to meet you, and want to talk many. Please come to our house to see us, and to see our child.

Thank you Miss Temple

 Jane Eyre

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