Monday, 7 August 2017

Keep Calm & Carry On Bon Bon!

Despite the apparent threat made to the festival, Matsumoto showed it's mettle Saturday night with a superb turn out to celebrtate the 43rd edition of Bon Bon. Luna was team number one, setting off from in front of the Castle, an honour we all took on board & kept in mind as we paced the rest of the city! Ceilidh and his mate Sola kept on poin the entire evening to earn MVP status, but to be honest all our young troopers were magnificent.

Massive thank yous to dads being vigilant, and to Damian, Naomi, Hannah & Sam for variously keeping us going in the right direction, dancing like disco 1978, and for keeping their elbows out! Yukari as usual on her sensible 'A' game & everyone in the right place at the right time with a t-shirt on etc. Brilliant.

Help yourself to downloads from Flickr (below). As you can see, we had an amazing time :)

Super Safe BonBon 2017

Would be remiss of us not to thank the police & emergency services for their extra vigilance & care tonight. We think the only scare was Kaichi being announced lost - just as his mum & dad gave him a thick ear for wandering off!