Monday, 5 March 2018

The place where I live

I live in Iwaki city. It's in the south of Fukushima prefecture in Touhoku region. It's located 150km south from Sendai,200km north from Tokyo. Population is 345,000 over. Iwaki has extensive area. It was the biggest city in Japan until 15 years ago.

There is the pacific Ocean in the east, Abukuma mountains in the west. Using rich nature, people make many kind of agricultural products and fishing industry. on the other hand, industrial production is developing. In the past, Mine development was major industries because there are many mines. We can see coal mine heritage as a historic building. And we can enjoy spa springing from coal mine at "Spa Resort Hawaiians". It's large sightseeing leisure facilities that opened in 1966. It's drawn in the movie "Hula girl".

There are roughly three kind of weather in Fukushima because mountains divides the prefecture into three area. Iwaki is on the seaside. In the summer,cool wind blows from the sea. In the winter, it doesn't snow because mountains are blocking the snow, so don't need statless tires. Sunshine hours are the longest in Touhoku region. It's very comfortable in all year.

There are some famous tourist spot. Many tourists visit to seaside area. There is a beautiful building aquarium and marine tower and big fishmarket where people can buy or enjoy seafoods. Fishing and surfing are also popular in seaside. Hot springs are popular to relax. Ocean view,mountain view, both good. "Spa Resort Hawaiians" is the most famous for tourist. Other famous spot as a religious building, Shiramizuamidado temple is a national treasure that related to Mr.Fujiwara of local ruling family in Touhoku region. It's a beautiful japanese style building. Not famous among tourist, but my recommendation is traditional performing arts. Fukushima has more than 800 kind of traditional performing arts at each area. we have more than1200 kind in showa 30's, but it is decreasing year by year.  The famous one of these is "Jangara" that performing in summer in Iwaki. It has religious meaning for us.

What I like best about Iwaki is beautiful seasonal scenery and seasonal local food. Seasoning Touhoku is the best for me. And I like talk Iwaki dialect with my friends, family or local people. When people talk in dialect, can be naturally relaxed and friendly. I also like to visit retro places and rustic country scenery because it's still many remained in Touhoku. I love nostalgic scenery.

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