Monday, 12 March 2018

My relationship with my phone - After reading

I use my mobile phone every day to see Instagram and twitter and to send text message like LINE. And I rarely talk on the phone to contact someone except for emergency case because the text message can be read at receiver’s convenient timing. Before I make phone calls, I always worry that she/he may be at silent space where talking on the mobile phone is not allowed like train, hospital, and she/he or her/his baby may stay in bed or may be busy now.It is my reason that I prefer sending text message to contact someone. When I contact hospitals, hair care salon, restaurant etc, I usually use my mobile phone, not fixed line.
I phone the most to my sister to do video chat with my nephew though he is 15 month olds and cannot say any words.
My mobile phone is always set in “Silent mode”, so vibration makes me find that I get a phone call. My ring tong has never been changed after I bought my mobile phone 3 years ago, but when I was high school or university students, I changed the ring tone downloaded by application called “Chaku-melo” and “Chaku-uta” every month.

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